Mismatch between perception and reality of payroll giving

Perceptions are out of line with the realities of operating payroll giving schemes, according to research.

Nearly three-quarters of businesses that do not run the charitable initiatives are unsure of the administration process, revealed a joint study between Workplace Giving UK and the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

Furthermore, 71 per cent of respondents claimed that their employees were unlikely to engage with a scheme and 57 per cent thought the cost of running it was a barrier to implementation.

Despite these findings, the majority of businesses that do offer charitable giving said the administration was easy and nearly 76 per cent believed it was low-cost to run.

The survey was conducted to help inform the Government’s consultation into the modernisation of the system. However, Workplace Giving UK’s Managing Director, Peter O'Hara, believes that payroll should have been included in the process.

"We recognise that it is payroll personnel who are at the coalface of ‘making a scheme happen’ from an administration point of view,” he explained. “Their input and feedback is vital.”

The study also showed one-third of companies did not think the benefit was part of their organisation’s culture and nearly half claimed that it did not aid recruitment and retention.